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Tutuapp apk free download for android/iOS : Friends ,today I am going to let you know about the amazing app called tutuapp or tutu app.We all love to play games and download apps on smartphones. But not all apps available on android and apple app store are free, some are paid. Tutuapp is not available on google play store, that’s why i have written this post to let you know about this app. Their are so many services that lets you use this apps for free like tutuapp, golden cydia etc.tutuapp

What is tutuapp and how to download it for android and ios:

The tutuapp also popularly known as “Bunny Assistance” because of its very beautiful rabbit logo. Tutuapp is a famous app available for android device and apple devices.Tutu app allows user to download  the paid version of apps for absolutely free.

One more thing that make this app significant tutuapp allows you to play famous “Pokemon Go” game developed by “ Niantic.inc” , The gaming company without leaving your room or without getting outside due to any reason .You can play whole game using tutu app. Download the megabox hd apk for streaming free movies on smartphone.

Features Of Tutu App Apk Download For Android/iOS :

  • You can use Tutu App for transferring data between two android devices. Tutu app let’s you share the data. So you don’t really need any sharing app like “share it” or “Xender”.
  • The Tutu App can be use as the device junk files cleaner like “cc cleaner app”. You can remove unwanted junk and clear cookies from device.
  • Last but not the list The tutu app toolbox: This Tutu app can let you manage your Memory, Ram, Battery management and Wi-Fi installation etc . So we can say Tutu app is the combination of four apps and you can have this single app instead of four five different App’s.

You can install tutu app using two method’s for android smartphone

  • Using the app download from official site of tutu app
  • Using the Tutu apk file which is safe and easy.

Let us install this app for Android first and then we will see the step by step process for downloading the app for apple devices.

Tutuapp APK! – [Pokemon Go Hack Android][No Root][Lollipop]:

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Before installing the Tutu app Change These Settings in Android Device to Install TuTu App.


To successfully install the tutu app for android you need to change some settings from your android device .follow the bellow given steps:

  • Open your mobile device and go to settings.
  • Then go to Security option from the menu.
  • Go into security menu and Enable the “Unknown sources ” option.
  • We Finished the presettings.

I know you are egerly waiting to install the app on your smartphone.so lets go straight to the installation of Tutu app for android

Install Tutuapp Apk On Android : Download Tutuapp apk

  1. First go to the tutuapp apk from this link.
  2. From your desktop browser and download this tutuapp apk file into your desktop.
  3. Then using the USB cable or any other mode of transfer send this file from desktop to the smartphone .
  4. Click on the tutuapp apk file and let it get installed on your mobile device.
  5. The android phone will ask permission to install the app then just click on install button and wait till installation finished.
  6. Now you can enjoy this tutuapp by clicking on its icon.
  7. Which will appear on main screen .have a great experience of Tutu app.
  8. If you can’t able to install this app properly then again download the tutu app apk file and try again.


After trying this you still can not able to download this app and install then don’t worry .We have another method for this tutu app download and installation.

Simple way 2:Download the tutu app directly from android device

  • Open the mobile browser and type in tutuapp.com
  • After going on their site you will see the download option then click on that option.
  • Let that file get downloaded into device.
  • After the installation open the tutu app and enjoy the paid apps for free

The only problem you will encounter while trying to install the tutu app is the “Chinese language”. But you  will easily install the app using the translaters over the internet.

Tutuapp For iOS Free Download : Tutu app download


To install this tutuapp over your apple device you need to have latest version of ios 9.0 and after that verson. Please do check the latest version before installing tutu app for ios .

The biggest problem while downloading this app is the language problem. because developers of Tutu app made this app in only “Chinese language”.

You can download this app and Install tutu app for 9.4/9.3/9.2/9.1 or 9.0 version of ios for non-jailbroken apple devices .

To install tutu app go to apples own web browser Safari only. Their might be a possibility partial download of the tutuapp in other web browsers. follow this simple guidelines to ensure the download of tutuapp for ios.

  1. Open only safari browser.In case you don’t have safarti then try using other web browsers.But it is recommended to use the safari browser.
  2. Then go to the tutuapps home page .
  3. Then you will see the big download button for ios.tutuappdownloadios
  4. Just click on that button to download tutu app for all latest versions of ios after 9.0 .tutuapp-for-ios
  5. Wait till the app gets downloaded.
  6. The next step is to install the application on your device. And for that you need to change few settings which are as follows:
    1. Go to the settings in your device
    2. Go to general setting
  • Go to the profile settings
  • You will see profile for tutuapp click on trust for tutu app.
  1. Launch the tutu app and enjoy the free paid apps and i-tunes for free.


Some cool features of app for ios :

  • You can easily manage all your calender ,contact ,battery, date and time setting you using the tutuapp.
  • You can download tutu app for any newer version of ios .
  • This app has very simple and easily understandable graphical user interface.
  • Only one problem of tutuapp is language but GUI is simple to understand.
  • Tutuapp gives you some features of cleaner which will allow you to clear junk files ,and improve memory use.

So, Here is end of this tutu app installation process and guide.Tutu app is very useful and provides multiple functionality for the both android and apple mobile users.You can download this app for free,use this app for free for all android and apple devices.

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Tutuapp for android and tutuapp for ios is a great way for accessing the paid contents.Tutuapp will provide other functionality for the users other than just free apps.so download this tutuapp and enjoy the experience.

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